Kuarup: a Global Game Jam 2016 game

Some weeks ago, I have participated in one of the most famous game jams ever: Global Game Jam. So I worked with some very talented guys that I’ve meet on Samsung Institute and on Samsung OCEAN: our designer Rafael Lima, and developers Bruno Araujo, Germano Assis and Marcus Brandt.

At the game jam start, the theme was revealed: Ritual. So, we decided to create a color-based puzzle game about choosing cute monsters to sacrifice. So it's about ritual as repetition of tasks and ritual as magic and sacrifice.


A game level on Kuarup

My participation was only on main gameplay features, like the logic of block falling and eye-candy animations. It was sort of a PCG of elements where I’ve worked with the generation of those little monstrous blocks. Then, the challenge was about how to guarantee that current level is always achievable. Well, a pseudo-random method helped a lot and we also choose a mechanic where power-ups allow to remove blocks of a specific color.

I really thank you my team for such interesting project and I hope we get to work again.

And if are interested in the game, you can find the code on github.

Until the next game jam!

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